Testimonials Camp Good Grief

“Camp Good Grief was truly invaluable for me and my children. We came away with the tools and the knowledge to cope with our loss in healthy ways. The children were given the opportunity to express their feelings and to see how other kids were dealing with their loss. The group counseling sessions taught them valuable grief survival skills to help get through this tough time in their lives.”
– Camp Good Grief Parent

“My child finally connected with other kids sharing a similar experience.”
– Parent of Camper

“I would change not a thing at Camp Good grief. There wasn’t any pressure to talk about feelings, it came out naturally, my kids are more confident with themselves and understanding their feelings.”
– Parent of Camper

“The kindness and support of all the staff and volunteers was amazing.”
– Parent of Camper

“I learned a lot from talking about loss and (was) so happy that no one there made fun (of me).”
– Camper age 11

“I hope to come back and I wish to be a counselor. I think camp has helped me so much and I want to help other kids because I know that life goes on and can be great even if people we love die.”
– Camper Age 13

“I had a common feeling being sad but I didn’t feel left out- I felt like an average kid.”
– Camper age 12

“I learned that I’m not the only person whose dad died when they were a kid.”
– Camper age 7

“Thank you so much for a lovely camp. It was such a wonderful uplift for our family. We appreciate it very much.”
– Camper Parent

“Camp Good Grief showed my son that he was not alone in his grief and increased his compassion for others in their grief. It was great that he could talk to those who understood.”
– Camper Parent

“It feels good to express your feelings in different ways.”
– Camper

“I really enjoyed connecting with the campers in a meaningful way to help them with their grieving loss.”
– Camp Volunteer

“This was a great experience for me! I received more than I gave!”
– Camp Volunteer

“My children realized that weren’t the only children grieving”
– CGG Parent

“Camp Good Grief was a positive experience for me and my children, it helped them make sense out of their feelings and helped gave them the ability to tell this to me.”
– Parent

“The best thing about camp was sharing my feelings”
– CCG Participant Age 10

“As a parent, what I liked about the camp was the new vocabulary she learned and the way my daughter is expressing herself about her grief.”
– Camp Parent

“The one thing I would change about camp is have it all summer”
– CGG Camper Age 7

“Camp Good Grief was a big hit around my house the first day. On the second day of camp, my younger daughter even woke up at 6 am, an hour before the alarm, without being called.”
– CCG Parent

“On behalf of myself and my son, I thank you once again for this wonderful experience. The fact that camp is funded through donations and run by volunteers is amazing. You are truly angels of light on a long dark road.”
– Parent

“My son enjoyed being with other kids and seeing what they experienced, and knowing he was not alone.”
– Parent

“Every day they came home happy. They had a comfortable place to express their feelings.”
– Parent

“He is so much more content and secure . . . so much less angry.”
– Parent

“I liked how close and supportive the campers, counselors, and volunteers grew in one week.”
– Parent